We’ve been pretty good this weekend about eating more veggies- but “celebrated” on Sunday night by eating yummy steaks (and homemade fries)!  Anyway, E (w/his little sidekicks) braved the frigid temps and actually grilled the steaks- so sweet!

Homemade fries- that actually took way longer to cook than I remembered!

Meat!  🙂


Anyway, for tonight’s dinner, I wanted to get us back on track- only a teeny bit of meat! 😉 I’ve actually tried not to make a big deal about this, the eating-less-meat thing, but have just been making meals that aren’t all about meat.

This recipe is meant to be a main dish, but after I made it (and tasted it), it just didn’t seem that filling- so, it’s going to be a side.  A side for what now, I have no idea, but it’s a side now!

I think I chose this recipe bc I wanted to cut back on meat, and add in different sources of protein- ie, lentils.  Also, we have a few leeks lying around still after the soup recipe, so this was a good way to use those up, too.

I started out cooking the lentils:

Then, I cooked the pancetta- only 2 oz.  Smelled sooo good- bacon!

I chopped the veggies- one leek, half an onion, 1/2 c. shallots, and 4 cloves of garlic:

After that, I added in a cup of arborio rice and some white wine.  Once that evaporated, I slowly added in 4 cups of chicken stock.  I added it in one cup (or less) at a time, letting it nearly evaporate before adding in the next portion:

When it was all evaporated, I tossed in the 2 cups of spinach, and the cooked lentils:

Before eating, I sprinkled in the cheese (I actually think I tossed in too much- tasted a bit…cheesy!):

But, yea, it’s totally just a side!  I ate this about an hour ago, and…am getting hungry again!  It’s definitely tasty, but just not filling enough to be a main dish.  Maybe when I serve this tonight for dinner, I’ll add some veggies (like asparagus) on the side and some garlic bread- something to make it seem more filling! 😉