I’ve been thinking about joining a CSA for nearly a year now, but honestly it seemed like too big a commitment.  And, I’m not at all that crafty w/new (read, unfamiliar) veggies- which is most likely what you’d get during the winter months!  So, I opted to try out a buying club through Farm to City.org.  It’s much more flexible- pay as you go, order what you want, and it’s from the same local farmers who set up during our Farmer’s Markets.  (I say that like I go so often to the Farmer’s Market- we only go when the weather’s nice, which is pitiful!)

At any rate, this is my first week of ordering from the Winter Harvest, and I’m kinda excited about it.  Everything’s organic, including the meat- which means that this is not some new cheap way to buy food.  Probably the opposite.  But, I’m going to try using less meat during the week bc…we eat way too much meat!  (And, if it’s more expensive, I’ll probably be less apt to “forget” about it in the freezer!)

It’s tricky, though, bc you place an order now, for pickup on the 3rd, so I’m basically trying to plan two weeks ahead- oh, and while I was on the order page, you’re to go ahead and order for the following week (w/pickup on the 10th), too!  Yikes, I’m not at all organized enough for this, but at least this is just week #1.  We’ll see how this goes!

I’m not actually planning meals, but maybe just ordering the things we normally use, and would most likely be buying anyway, like potatoes and milk.  Oh, and chicken backs!  I totally am ordering those, bc I plan on making more stock, and…well, $6.60 for 4 chicken backs is much better than buying all the meat I did last time! 😉  (Gross, chicken backs…)

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how this new adventure goes!