In a (small) effort to start eating less meat, I found a yummy-sounding soup recipe from Cooking Light last night, and am really excited to try it!  I used the actual recipe book I have, not the website, and started searching for new recipes under “January-February,” which is a pretty great way to find warm, comfort food especially meant for this time of year.  Also, nothing makes me happier than a meal w/a baguette- really, so good! 😉

First, you start by melting butter in a dutch oven, and adding in peeled and chopped potatoes and butternut squash:

Then, you add in a chopped leek:

After that, 4 cups of chicken broth (I used homemade stock), and boil it until the potatoes are tender (about 20 mins):

The recipe says to run the whole thing (in two batches) through a blender, but I didn’t do that.  I probably blended about 3/4 of the soup, and left the rest chunky, just to trick myself into believing that I’m eating something more…substantial, bc I’ll be chewing, and not just “drinking” soup!

Now, on to the bread- I will admit that I had no idea what Gruyere was.  I mean, I know it was cheese, but what kind?  And, I have a pretty big aversion to cheese, generally.  I mean, the cheese section in the store stinks– why eat something that stinks?? Don’t get it!  However, I’m trying new things, and cheese is (yikes) a new thing, so…here goes.  And, Gruyere is apparently like Swiss cheese…at least it’s not like the stink of a Brie- that smells/tastes like barf, who enjoys that stuff?!  (Sorry if I’ve offended cheese-lovers!)

Anyway, thank you Wegman’s, for the tiny container of shredded Gruyere!

And, the cheese-topped bread goes into the oven for a few minutes:

And, after the first taste…I’m totally going to make this again- particularly the Gruyere bread!  Wow- sooo good!  It’s delicious!

Enough gushing- time for eating!

Enjoy! 🙂