W/all this good chicken and chicken stock now piled up in my fridge, it made perfect sense to put (lots) of it to good use right away, and try another of the goals I’ve made for myself this year by making my first ever homemade pot pie.  A real one, not a tiny dumpling-sized one.

(It also helped that I came across a recipe for one on Wegman’s site while looking at stock-stuff!)

So…I’m up to the point of filling the pie crusts- I cheated this time, and bought premade crusts.  Never done this before, which is obvious, as mine are still frozen bc I forgot to defrost ’em.  (Great).  While I wait for them to thaw, I can catch you up to where I am now w/the filling.

Here’s the “recipe” I’m working w/, although it’s been an entirely haphazard approach to using a recipe.  For starters, I’m only making one- the recipe is for two pies.  That should be easy to just half-it, but there are a lot of other ingredients to fiddle w/, and that’s where I sorta just tossed things in, hoping for the best each time.  I think it worked out, bc it looks like pot pie filling right now! 😉

Also- this recipe comes w/a step-by-step video.  I watched it once, and then just started tossing things in!

So, the filling is all ready, while I wait for the crust to defrost…

The mirepoix- celery, carrots, and onions

W/all the veggies, ready to go!


Crust is done- just opened the oven, and…saw that it had completely caved in on itself.  (Seriously??)  I followed the directions, where it said to “press firmly into sides of pie pan to avoid crust shrinking.”  Clearly, that’s an issue.  So, first-attempt at buying premade crust has taught me one thing- they suck.  Never again!  And, since I hadn’t planned on making a (real) pie today, I have no ingredients for a crust, ie shortening.  E just ran out for me right now- I think he really wants to eat this meal! 😉

Premade crust is the devil...never again!

Be back later- hopefully w/a better update!


So…the new, homemade crust is in the oven to bake!  This was sooo not what I wanted to do right now- make a pie crust, I mean. I should be eating chicken pot pie right about now, not working on pie crust!  But, I can’t complain too much.  This crust got stuck to the counter, and I was pretty ready to just ball the thing up and add it to the trash w/the failed crust when E swooped in and saved the day- he peeled it off the counter, and together we arranged it in the plate.  Thanks, mister!

Whatever, the premade one actually may have saved me a bit of time, bc there were two in the pack.  Assuming I can get mine and the premade one to stick together, I can use the premade one for the top.  Hopefully.  Oh, and E said that this is what I deserved for trying to cheat and use premade crust.  Wow, it’s amazing all the support I get from family! 😉


It’s finally in the oven!!  I’ve only been cooking all day! 😉  At least I know that, apart from the top crust, everything is homemade- I made the stock, cooked the chicken, chopped all the veggies, made the stupid crust…that’s good at least, right? There should be a feeling of accomplishment…maybe there will be, once I taste it and see that it was worth this adventure!

See y'in 15!


As my day-o-baking seems to have come to a close, I think I’ll say now, before even tasting the pie, that I’m pretty happy w/how it all turned out.  It looks…really good! (Thankfully).

My egg wash wasn’t terribly even, as evidenced by the blotchy brown marks on the crust, but whatever.  I’m happy!

(Oh, side note- this can be frozen.  Weird, who knew?  I betcha that you could probably find something like this, already made, when you go food shopping, in their freezer section!  😉  Krikey, I’m cracking up.  Sheesh, this thing better be the most amazing thing we’ve ever eaten!)

Hope you all enjoyed my melt-down today! 🙂