After venturing out food shopping today on an absurdly-cold morning, I’ve decided to move what I had originally planned for dinner to another night, and instead focus on something warm and filling and delicious.  (Not that the other meal wasn’t going to be delicious- it would have only been a lot lighter than chili!)  I love the idea of a meal cooking for most of the day, filling the house w/warmth and mouth-watering smells!

Now, I’ve made chili lots of times, but decided to try a new recipe, just because.  I found this recipe the other night on a site called  Never heard of that site before, and only came across it after a Google search for another recipe, not chili.  Anyway, it seems like just a standard chili recipe, so I’m not sure what makes it “Mexicali.”  (Oh, that’s apparently the capital of Baja California, but still, that doesn’t help me to understand the recipe name any better- is it from there?  Oh well.)

At any rate- going into the kitchen to get my beans started…be back soon!


Such an easy thing to assemble, chili- seriously, garlic, onion, some spices…toss in meat, tomatoes, some salsa, and there you have it!  Oh, and the beans, too- they were the most time-consuming bit, obviously, but once they were done, the chili practically made itself.

The beginning stages...

All done!

And, you can freeze chili w/out any damage to the consistency- I did read warnings that when defrosting it, you shouldn’t stir it too much, bc you’ll smush the beans, and that would be kinda gross- more of a chili paste, I guess.

Oh, and something new to this site:  a drink recipe (thanks for the suggestion, Adriel)!  You all are going to be stuck w/non-alcoholic boring drinks until about…oh, the end of June, when the baby comes- if I can’t drink, I’m not promoting fun and yummy drinks for anyone else! 🙂  But after that, I’ll totally expand to include real drinks!

But anyway, tonight I made Mexican hot chocolate, and…it’s super good, and super easy.  Just a few ingredients, and some time stirring the milk, but other than that, pretty smooth sailing to some delicious smelling- and tasting- hot chocolate.  I used a recipe from a Google search (imagine that!), and it was perfect:

Constantly stirring...

Finished! 🙂

Now, all I need is for E to get home- can’t eat all this on my own!

Yummy meal!