I know it’s been soooo long since a new post- almost a month!- but I’m trying to figure out a new direction for this ol’ blog.  I mean, it’s been a really fun year of trying new things, but…is that enough?  Would anyone keep reading if that’s all I did?  Really, would you- if so, perfect, my search for a new direction is called off! 😉  And seriously, if that sounds fine, we could just keep things as-is.  I’ve really had a great time over the past year, and am really happy about this project.

But, would you like to see something different?  Like, just an idea here- maybe adding in different cuisines (right word?) every now and then, like…I don’t know, “Asian Mondays” or something?  (Again, just one idea!)

I would really appreciate any feedback- and, promise to get back to cooking soon! 🙂