E’s family usually gets-together for a gingerbread house-making party.  They’re all eerily good at making gingerbread houses, and take it pretty seriously.  Did you know that you could bend a graham cracker…by steaming it??  Yea, me neither- until I met E! 😉

Anyway, we’re going to his sister’s this year, and it’s all Eve can talk about- she’s pretty excited.  She keeps asking me if I’m going to make gingerbread- well, no, wasn’t planning on it, but now that you ask, sure, why not?  Let’s make some gingerbread men!

I’m planning to use this recipe from FoodNetwork.com, mainly due to its five-star rating.  Has to be good, right?

Off to start cookie-making!


I made the dough last night, so it could chill overnight.  I normally don’t chill cookie dough enough, which gets kinda hard to work w/after the first time you touch it and it gets too warm.

Now, time to make the cookies!  The dough smells soooo good- can’t wait to eat ’em!  It actually smells like those spice cookies in the black and orange box (can’t think of the name, but they usually come out around Thanksgiving)- yum!

Into the oven for the next 10 minutes:

Just took them out, and put them on a cooling rack- the kids are already circling…


Well, according to my cookie-testers, they’re “wewy good”…and, must be, since they’re already back for seconds!  🙂