Another recipe, courtesy of ThisWeekforDinner, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s super-cold here today, and I also have a million Christmas-related things to take care of this week, so a quick, easy, yummy recipe sounds ideal.

Just starting in right now on the homemade croutons:

They’ll be in the oven for about 10 minutes.  Now, on to the soup.  Saute a few garlic cloves, and then add in the tomatoes.  Just a (big) can of whole tomatoes-  add the liquid to the pot, and chop up the tomatoes.  I decided to use veggie broth (bc this is a veggie soup), and…honestly, it’s amazing that I can make anything.  I mean, I thought I had balsamic vinegar, and even though it’s clearly not in my cabinet, I cannot recall what happened to it!  Anyway, I substituted some red wine vinegar w/a dash of champagne vinegar, and called it a day.  Then I just added in the spices:

My soup has little white-ish dots in it bc…despite being at 2 stores this morning, I forgot to get more garlic.  I only had 2 cloves, so I sprinkled in some garlic powder.  Clearly, I’m going for flavor over presentation this time around! 😉  I also added in some tomato paste, bc I wanted the soup to be a bit thicker than it was- probably about…1, 2 T?  Just until it seemed thick enough.

Now it’s settling in for a simmer:

Ooh, this is great!  I think though that I would make the croutons even smaller next time- they soak up the soup instantly, so they’re kinda big and smushy, but smaller would be perfect.

Topped w/a little grated Parm:

But wow, the taste is really good!  The big chunks of tomato are really nice, too.  This is definitely something I’ll keep around for cold (make that freezing!) days! 🙂