E sent me this recipe yesterday from his co-worker Carolyn, and for some reason, I totally read his email wrong- and, wanted to kill him.  He attached the recipe, and wrote:  “Yum!  Can you make this?”  I don’t know why, but I read that sentence as an assault on my cooking skills, more like, “do you think you could do this?  can you handle french toast?”, so…yea, must have been having a bad day, bc clearly that’s not what he meant!  😉  Poor mister…

Anyway, bc I think I can handle some good ol’ french toast, I’m planning on making this tonight for dinner- love breakfast/dinners!  (We’re also having friends over for brunch on Sunday, and I’m hoping to give this a test-drive before then!)

Now, for the recipe:

I didn’t make it last night, like I had planned, so my chilling time won’t be overnight- do you think that’ll change it too much? We’ll see- hopefully not!


Here goes nothing!  Oh, this should be interesting- I halved the recipe, bc I didn’t have 8 eggs on hand, and I also used ciabatta bread, bc that’s all I had!  Clearly there hasn’t been a lot of planning- who knew I’d need a special trip to the store just to make french toast?! 😉

Be back in a few hours!


So, the recipe wasn’t clear about whether or not to cook it uncovered, but that’s what I did- it’s supposed to be…well, not crispy, but done, and it’s not like I’m trying to get the inner temperature high, like w/meat or something.  (I wish I could just know, and not have minor things like covered/uncovered mess w/me!)

It’s in the oven now for the next…45 minutes?  Be back, hopefully w/a successful report!


Ok, the results are in- the taste is good, but apparently my “tweaking” of the recipe kinda messed w/things.  (Is it really tweaking when you halve a recipe??)  Anyway, I fully blame my not chilling it overnight- the egg never really soaked into the bread enough, so it was like french toast…on top of a big egg layer!  A bit weird, but even though he critiqued it, E’s still sitting here, happily eating his second serving! 😉  I think I might try to add in a bit more bread next time, too, just to make sure the egg has something to soak into.  Or, I could try not using ciabatta bread, and actually follow the recipe! 😉

Thanks for the recipe, Carolyn!  🙂  E cannot stop eating it!


* Oh, and I started off this post by trying to defend my “cooking skills” bc I, of course, can totally make french toast.  But…can I??  Eesh! 😉 *