My only contribution this year for Thanksgiving is an appetizer- and, I chose shrimp cocktail.  But, this really couldn’t get any easier, as the shrimp were steamed for me at the store while I waited, and the rest, the sauce…well, could that be any easier?? 😉

I used a recipe by Ina Garten, and picked it mainly bc the reviews were so good:

Sadly, I forgot to buy the stupid lemons!!  I’m in charge of one thing, and…ugh!  I’m about to do a round of calls, bc really, I don’t wanna have to run out, on Thanksgiving, for lemons!

At any rate, the sauce does smell pretty yummy- I’m guessing it’s thanks to the horseradish, which once added, instantly made it smell like cocktail sauce.  I doubled the recipe, bc I bought double the shrimp (yum).

Have a great Thanksgiving- I’m off to call around for lemons! 😉