This recipe from Cooking Light just sounded fun to me- and, it’s also a chance to learn a new thing.  I mean, what does the term “reduction” mean?  Just a thickened sauce?  I think so…

Be back w/an update in a bit- have to run out (again) bc I forgot the brandy.  Sheesh! 😉


So, I started off by making the fries (the frites)…and, got to use some of the skills I learned in the knife class.  I saved the handout from the class, and on the top of the first “cuts” page, there was this important message:  “When cutting any round vegetable, it is always a good rule to get it flat w/the first cut.  A stable vegetable is a safe vegetable.”  Too true!  Anyway, I peeled the potato, then make it into a perfect rectangle by slicing off a piece on each side.  Then, made the slices for the fries.  Pretty easy! Now, into the oven they go (for 40 minutes):

Next up, the steak.  Pretty easy- cook on each side for about 3 minutes, then set aside.  After that, the shallot “sauce.”  Pretty easy, too- chop up some shallots and saute ’em w/brandy, beef broth, and Dijon mustard.  Then, add in some butter, and thicken:

Then, slice the steak, top w/the sauce, and add some “frites” to the plate- and, tada!  Steak frites!

Oh, wow- sooooo good!  I especially love the homemade fries- supergood!  I think I’ll start making these for the kids, since they like fries so much.

Overall, a great recipe (and, an easy one)!