Something about Sunday nights just makes me wanna…make the easiest thing I can!  This meal also happens to be my favorite- always good.

On tonight’s menu:  breaded chicken, roasted potatoes, and green beans and broccoli.  A fun thing about this meal is that the green beans were from our garden (frozen), and so is the broccoli- we just picked it on Wednesday!  I need to take a picture of our garden- the broccoli plants are really amazing to me!

Anyway, the potatoes are roasting away in the oven (450-degrees, in olive oil w/crushed garlic, herbes de provence, and a dash of pepper):

Next up, the breaded chicken cutlets.  These are seriously my favorite things!  Growing up, my grandmom made the best chicken cutlets ever.  Ever.  We’ve all tried to copy her recipe, but for some reason, they never turn out quite as good- even when we used the same brand of chicken, the same bread crumbs.  There’s just somethin’ special about a grandmom-cooked meal, I guess!

Still, my version’s not that bad- or tricky.  Really just involves bread crumbs and chicken! 😉  (Such a secret recipe…)  First, I dip the cutlets into a whisked egg/milk mix, then coat ’em w/bread crumbs, and toss ’em into a frying pan.  Something super-delicious will follow!  (I’ve actually posted this before- all except the broccoli!- here.)

A yummy meal!  Be back tomorrow w/a new recipe! 🙂