So, since it’s been about two weeks w/out a new post, I think I should explain- we’ve all been sick!  First, the kids got sick, so I was busy w/whiny, slimy kids.  Then, I got sick- always fun.  Now, E’s sick, and the kids are still kinda yucky, having gotten sick again, it seems.  It’s been a fantastic two weeks! 😉

But, that said- we appear to be on the mend now, so back to the cooking!

I wanted to post two kinda similar things today:  first is a beef roast that I cooked w/the crock pot last week, and the other is a beef stew (also involving the crock pot) that I’m making this afternoon.

The beef roast is probably the easiest thing to make in a crock pot, and it always turns out tender and yummy.  It’s even easier I think than the chicken, bc there aren’t any bones!

I started out by putting the roast in the crock pot, and added beef stock (just enough to cover it about half-way) and a few pearl onions.  Then, turned the heat to high (for about an hour), then turned it back to low for the rest of the cooking- about 5 more hours:


After it was finished, I sliced it up, and served it w/gravy, broccoli, and my new stand-by, sweet potato/red potato mash.  Yum!


Next up, the beef stew.  I’ve posted about this before, so I’m gonna link it, and maybe just post a few new pictures today.  (Posts are always better w/new pictures, right?!)  As I said in the older post, there’s really no recipe, so this is a fun thing to make bc it’s all up to you, what goes in, how much, what seasonings you use, etc.

Just started slow-cooking the meat.  I used a pack of beef cubes (about 1 lb), and cut ’em into small, bite-size bits.  Then, I added ’em to the crock pot w/some beef stock and onions.  They’re set on ‘high’ right now, just to get the heat going, and after an hour, I’ll switch the heat back to low.

Be back!


I usually cook the meat for about 3 hours.  While that was cooking, I started on the potatoes- I boil them before adding them to the sauce/gravy mix- oh, also added 3 stalks of celery into the sauce/gravy mix.  I put the sauce on low, and also added in a bay leaf.  Then, when the potatoes were about half finished, I added in 3 chopped carrots to the potato pot to boil, as well.  When they were finished, I tossed everything into the sauce:

Then, I skimmed the meat from the crock pot and added that in, as well:

Smells delicious!

I’m going to serve this w/a big loaf of Italian bread- cannot wait!  Might be eating dinner a bit early tonight…! 😉