So…it seems that this week has been a bit of a bust, cooking-wise.  It’s actually all my laptop’s fault- it went and needed repairs!  I was supposed to get it back on Thursday, but actually just got it back this afternoon.  And yes, I realize that I could have been taking good pictures of new recipes, but…I was lazy, given the lack of internet and saved recipes, and just decided to take time off.

And, w/all this time off, I started cleaning out/rearranging the kitchen cabinets (bc things were literally falling out!), and discovered that I have what seems to be a very large (and somewhat excessive) amount of spices/herbs!  Does this look normal to anyone??

I didn’t think so! 😉  And, I know that I’ve bought most of these recently, well, recent enough, probably since I’ve started this blog. I think I’m going to have to start searching for recipes based on seasoning, like, ‘dill weed’ and ‘turmeric’.  Could be interesting…

Anyway, I’m currently in the midst of making sugar cookies- pics to follow, bc…well, you know you have to see pictures of sugar cookies, so rare and exotic! 😉  I’m making quite a small batch, bc let’s be honest, the kids (and E) only eat so many cookies, and I’m bound to be left w/lots to myself.  I got the recipe from, and w/all the 5-star ratings, I’m sure it’ll be good.  I had a pretty good one, but the kids go through my recipe box a lot (I should probably move that!), and it’s now missing.  Ugh…

So, yes, I’ll be back in a bit when the cookie-making is really underway- right now, the dough’s in the fridge, chilling.  Be back!


Bc I didn’t chill the dough overnight, it was kinda tough to work with.  Well, not tough, but I definitely had to work quickly w/it, bc the second it got warm, it was a sticky mess! 😉  But, fresh from the freezer (to speed-up the chilling), it was perfect!

Oh, and the cookies were delicious!

Oh, and they’re supposed to be in “Thanksgiving” shapes- but, the cookies kinda blew up!  You can kinda see the shapes- a turkey, pumpkin, acorn, and leaf.  Kinda.  If you squint.  😉