This is pretty much the same as good ol’ shepherd’s pie, but when you use ground beef instead of lamb, it becomes cottage pie.  And, as I normally have ground beef in the freezer (and rarely have ground lamb), I’m going for the nice, easy cottage pie today.  Also, it’s comfort food, and as I’m feeling incredibly tired and lazy today (thank you, weird sleep!), this recipe sounds perfect!

I found this recipe on, and it sounds pretty yummy- I mean, it’s meat, potatoes, and veggies, all in one dish. There’s really not any way to make it sound anything other than yummy, if you ask me!

Off to get started- be back in awhile!


So far, so good- the meat and veggies are all finished:

I’m just waiting for the potatoes to boil and cook so I can mash ’em. Then, I’ll top the meat/veggies w/the potatoes, and toss the whole thing in the oven for about a half hour.  Couldn’t be easier!


Just about to go into the oven:

Lookin’ good! 😉


Tada!  Dinner’s finished! 😉  Not too shabby- just a little bit of the meat mix breaking through my potato crust.  Smells sooo good!