So, here goes another chicken recipe from!  Can’t get enough of them, really.  And, since E won’t be home until late, I’m guaranteed a chicken meal w/out the standard “oh, chicken again?” comment- hooray! 😉

It starts out a bit weird- mixing red currant jelly w/red pepper.  Hmm…

Then, you season the piece(s) of chicken, and bake it for about 25-30, saving the jelly mix until the chicken is nearly cooked through- then you use it as a glaze, apparently.  We’ll see!

While the chicken is cooking, slice two cloves of garlic pretty thin (I think I minced mine), and cook them w/a small bit of golden raisins- again, weird.

Cook ’em for…oh, 2-3 minutes, then toss in some spinach.  Now, the recipe says to use a 10 oz. pack of spinach- which seemed like a lot, especially after I saw that my box of spinach is only 5 oz!  I’m not using the whole thing- probably about 2-3 oz.  Anyway, you add them to the garlic/raisin mix, and cook them until the spinach is starting to wilt:

Now, just waiting for the chicken…kinda curious about this one, especially since I chose the recipe from the new magazine, and didn’t see the bad reviews on the online recipe!  Ack…here goes!  Let’s see if mine turns out any better than theirs! 😉


So, the silly chicken’s been in the oven for about FORTY minutes now…crikey!  i checked the temp, and it keeps hanging on at 150˚.

Oh my...

All this extra cooking time has certainly taken it’s toll on my fancy glaze (that’s nearly all rolled off of the chicken!)- it’s practically burnt!  Ugh, we’ll see!


After 55 minutes, the crazy thing is finally cooked through!  I have to agree w/the reviews that it’s not the most “flavorful” chicken you’d expect, especially w/this glaze, but you do get hints of the sweetness here and there, and w/the sweetness of the raisins, it’s actually supergood.  This is definitely something I plan to make again!