I feel like I should be making these cookies just about every other day, considering the weird amount of pumpkin-puree that’s still filing our freezer!  However, this is my first attempt, but I’m sure they’ll be delicious- the list of ingredients sounds perfect!

Here goes!

I decided to divide the recipe in half, mainly bc I know that I’m the one that will eat most of them!  Although, it’s a bit hard to divide an egg in half, so I just used the one egg!

Also, this recipe gave me my first opportunity to use parchment paper.  (Really, how sad is it that I’ve never used this stuff before??)  Anyway, it sounded good, well, better to me- as I’m currently being lazy- than the idea of greasing a pan…bc that’s really time-consuming and strenuous!  Ugh, sluggishness… 😉

Anyway, into the oven!

Be back in a few minutes when they’re finished- have to say, though, that they smell soooo good already!  The spices are perfect!


These are really good cookies- and, they’re fluffy, more like cake, which makes them even better to me! 😉

Just served one to Eve, who took a bite and said, “Mm, yummy!”  Good review, if you ask me!

Thanks, Liz, for the recipe!