After yesterday’s fail, I decided to go w/something for dinner tonight that sounds fool-proof  (we’ll see!):  taco salad!  I got the recipe from a friend, and it sounds delicious- if a bit spicy.  I added in all the spice she suggested, so here’s hoping the my mouth survives this adventure! 😉  (Such a baby…)

Anyway, here’s her recipe:

Right now, I’m still cooking the beans…be back in a bit!


W/all the ingredients mixed in, I just have to simmer things for a bit- I added more water to my mix bc things were pretty pasty:

Oh, and my blue spoon- stirring the black beans turned my spoon blue!  Fun!

Anyway, all set- time to assemble!

Just took a bite and…this is the best thing I’ve made in awhile!  This is delicious! 😉  Thanks so much, Jeannette, for the recipe- I’m definitely going to be using this one again…and again (and again)!

* Oh, and the spices weren’t too spicy after all- perfect actually!  Might even add a bit more next time…