So, we’re back!  We just got in about an hour ago, and w/the kids in bed, I’m all set to start back in on the cookin’.

Except, I’m exhausted!  (It’s been a long weekend!)

However, rather than work on the dinner I’d been thinking about, I think I’ll start the week off w/a great cookie recipe sent to me by an Austin friend.  I’m going to divide the recipe, though- the kids only eat so many cookies, and the rest will just go to me.  Not good! 😉

These looks pretty serious- I mean, adding in a Hershey bar??  I couldn’t be more in love w/these cookies already!

Let’s get started!

My silly taste-tester approves!

These cookies are soooo good!  I am definitely going to be limiting these- w/the kids and me! 😉