Ok, so, even though I said I wouldn’t be posting for awhile, I just realized that I had a draft post saved- perfect!


A friend was asking for suggestions on how to use her crock pot- what recipes, I mean!  I use ours for lots of things, but one of my favorite is just plain ol’ “crock pot chicken,” where you toss a whole chicken into your crockpot, and…let it do what it does for a few hours!  Easy! (and yummy).

So, I bought a chicken this morning- about 4 lbs- and after rinsing it off, put it breast-side up in the pot.  Then, I added some chicken broth- just enough to make sure that the chicken is about half covered.

Then, after putting the lid on, I turned the heat to ‘high,’ where I’ll leave it for about an hour, and then turn it back down to low for the next few hours.

I started at 1:30, so it’s been cooking for about 4 hours now.  It might be done now, but I’m going to turn it back up to high for a little bit, probably only for a half hour or so.  There’s no real way to tell if it’s done, apart from taking the lid off and ruining all the good trapped heat you have in the crock pot, so I don’t wanna do that yet.  I’ll wait another half hour…and then, ruin the whole crock-pot system! 😉


So, the chicken was perfect- held together, looking like a chicken until I tried to pick it up, and then it fell apart.  Yum!  I served it w/gravy, mashed potatoes (half red potatoes, half yams), and spinach.

Delicious! 🙂