…only, this time, on a much larger scale!

Thanks to a friend, I have a new approach to this whole business, and since I’m not trying to use the pumpkin for carving/decoration, this method will totally work out.

She suggested chopping the whole thing into bits, slow-cooking them for about two hours, and then, when they’re soft, you can scoop the guts right off of the skin, and toss it into a food processor/blender.  It should make sooo much more purée, and that means a lot more pies!  It’s definitely my goal to make a really good pumpkin pie this year.  I feel like I have the crust down and improved from last year, so all I need is a good filling to put into it!

Let’s get cracking…giant pumpkin, check. I’ve already started chopping into it, and have half of it roasting in the oven:

I cut off some of the little bits- the strings from the seeds, from the “lid”- and am boiling them down the way I usually made purée:

It’s pumpkin-madness over here! 🙂

Anyway, more to come!


So, it took me about SIX hours to fully cook down this monster pumpkin, and to get things bagged up.  Six hours.  SIX.  (yikes).

Not exactly as I had planned, bc I was still puréeing when E came in from work- I made a quick dinner around my mess just in time!  (More on that later).

Anyway, I had a pretty easy, assembly-line system:  chop up pumpkin into bits (about 2″ thick), bake for about 40 mins at 300˚; chop pumpkin “flesh” (ew) off the skin, and boil for another…20 or so minutes until really soft; add to blender for 30 seconds, just to make it easier to measure out cups- package in freezer bags in one-cup measurements.

Currently, I have THIRTEEN bags of purée in the freezer- and, I still have one last batch to boil and package.  I’m dying- this is just too much!  My plan was to make enough to do one, maybe two “practice” pies, to settle on a good recipe.  I had no idea that I could do that- times ten!

Oh well- I have a few new pumpkin recipes to try out, and now, thanks to SUPERpumpkin, I have the supplies on hand now! 😉