It’s been a busy few days since E’s gotten back- and, bc of that, I hadn’t really had time to shop.  So, we made due one night w/whatever we could slap together into a meal.

It was pretty good, surprisingly, bc we found enough stuff for steak fajitas!

I had broiled a steak the night before, when he first got home, so we used little bits of that, mixed in w/some sautéed veggies- peppers from our garden, some slices of onion, and a few bits of chopped jalapeño:

Then, I added the meat, veggies, and some shredded cheese to a tortilla, folded it up, and tossed it on the griddle.



The next morning, I didn’t sleep very well, so I got up SUPERearly, and made homemade pancakes.  I had never done this before, but really, how hard could it be to mix stuff in a bowl??

Stuff, mixed in a bowl! 😉

I used a recipe from “The Book Lover’s Cookbook,” and it was pretty much the same recipe I’ve used for waffles, only in different amounts.  (If you’re interested, just leave a comment!)  I used half wheat flour/half white flour, and E said they were really good- nice to mix in wheat-stuff whenever I can!