Over the weekend, we threw a birthday party for our oldest- she turned 3!  (Can’t believe it- time flies!)

Anyway, along w/an incredible “Foofa” birthday cake, we had a lunchmeat tray, grilled sausages, and homemade meatballs.  The recipe for the meatballs is actually one of the first things I had learned to make, and one of the things my mom makes a lot, despite her aversion to cooking, in general!

We started out w/just over two pounds of ground beef- it made a lot of meatballs!  I normally use about one pound.

Mix your ground beef w/chopped onions- about…a half cup?  (Wow, this is really a recipe that I “eye-ball” instead of follow!)

Add a half cup of chopped green peppers.  The pieces of onion and peppers should be small, more minced, I guess- if they’re too big, your meatballs won’t really stay together when you try to cook ’em.

Next, add one egg.

Add a dash of bread crumbs (seasoned, preferably).  My “dash” might be around a half to one cup, somewhere around there.  Enough so that when you mix this all together, it won’t feel too slimy.

Also, I add in a dash of black pepper, along w/tiny dashes basil and oregano- I use those two pretty sparingly.

Now, make your meatballs- take little bits of the meat, whatever size of meatball you’d want, and roll it around on your palms.  When finished w/all the meat, add them to a skillet, along w/a small bit of olive oil- not too much, bc the meat has oil, too, but they stick at first.

Start off on med-high heat, just to brown them.  Stir the meatballs around for a bit, about 5 or so minutes, so that they brown.  They don’t need to be fully cooked through, just browned.  Then, turn the heat to low, and cover.  Check every 5 or so minutes, stir them, and cover again.  They should be fully cooked in about 15 minutes- just chop one open to see, it shouldn’t be pink.

Also, sometimes I add a few slices of onion in the skillet, too- yum!

Once the meatballs are finished, add in your spaghetti sauce, and voilà- homemade meatballs!


(Oh, sorry no pictures- I took some at the party, after people had been eating the meatballs, and…the pot looked pretty gross in a picture, w/all the sauce splashes!  Oh well…you all know what meatballs look like!)  😉