So, even though E’s away, that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a nice dinner- especially since lately, “dinner” has consisted of whatever I found in the fridge.  And, that doesn’t mean it’s actual meals.  For example, the other night, my “dinner” was weird bits of leftovers that didn’t go together, but that simply had to be eaten.  Yum.

Anyway, I found this recipe on Cooking Light today, bc I really, really felt like having salmon.  Love it!  Also, I’ve never made risotta before, so this should be a true adventure! 🙂

Just started in on the slow-roasted tomatoes:  they’ll be in the oven for…an hour and a half.  Krikey.

Be back…later!


Wow, so…just starting off the risotta is complicated!  (Not really, but it is for me!)  I had no idea what to do w/a leek- the recipe just said to have it chopped, but…what’s the “good” part of a leek?  Is this like a scallion?  Eesh, pathetic.  Anyway, I’m lucky that good ol’ YouTube always comes to my rescue!  I found a very helpful video w/a very interesting lady who, while showing you how to cut and clean a leek, also says that leeks are her favorite vegetable.  I’m intrigued now, bc I’ve never tasted a leek before! 😉

Leeks, before and after:

Next, adding in the rice and broth:

Weird- I had no idea that there was a special rice for risotto!

Adding in the…well, the rest of the ingredients.  This is the part where I wish I had re-read the recipe one more time before leaving the house and picking up some things from the store.  I forgot the stupid arugula!  Sheesh…right now, everything’s in the risotta, except that- I might stop out later for it, bc…well, I split the recipe, so it’s still 3 cups of arugula that I’d be omitting- kinda big.  Grr…

Looking good- and smelling delicious!

Be back w/more- and, potentially w/arugula! 😉


So, I decided to scrap the arugula after tasting the risotto- soooo good!  Who cares if there’s not more greens?  It’s yummy!

And, the salmon has been cooking away (well, for 7 minutes!), and it’s now ready to add to the dish:

This is really one of the best things I’ve made in awhile- the risotto…it’s amazing!  The flavors are so complimentary, and it’s just wow, so good!

Glad I treated myself to a nice meal! 😉