This is honestly something that I never had thought of doing, and most likely, would not have ever done, had I not met and married E.  He thinks nothing of carving a pumpkin, and then boiling it for three hours, just to use up all the bits I’d previously thought of as gross!

I’m happy, though, that this doesn’t scare me anymore, and that I have actually already made a from-scratch pumpkin pie.  I wasn’t completely thrilled w/my previous attempts, mostly bc they were too runny- the flavors were great, but the texture, not so much!  I’m trying a different recipe this time around, but more on that later. Tonight, I’m just going to carve said pumpkin, boil it down to useable bits, and freeze ’em  for when I’m ready for pie.  (Sheesh, I’m always ‘ready for pie,’ but I think I’ll make one for an occasion, rather than simply for me to gobble up on my own!)

At any rate, I just started carving up the pumpkin:

Then, I separated the seeds from the pulp into two bowls- I dry and cook the seeds for snacks:

Once you have the guts out, scrap along the insides of the pumpkin to remove all loose pulp.  I scrap pretty deep into the insides of the pumpkin to get all the good, soft stuff.  Then, I put it in a large pot, poured in enough water to half-cover it, added a lid, and started boiling it.  Now, the waiting game begins!

But, while I was waiting, I carved up the empty pumpkin- it’s pretty shoddy work, pretty hastily done, but still, not a bad effort, especially considering that I was doing it one-handed while on the phone w/my mom!

I’ll check back…once the pulp mix turn into well, more smooth pulp mix, and not so much the stringy mess and hard pumpkin insides I started with! 😉


So, here we are, one-and-a-half hours in, and…I have purée!  Well, nearly.  I just poured the mix into a colander, and then back into the pot- wanted to get rid of the excess water, now that things were pretty well boiled down.  Now, I wanna keep simmering until it’s not so stringy.  I added back one cup of water, just to keep things from sticking to the bottom of the pot:

Now, back to waiting! 😉


Ok, so after about 2o more minutes, I’m left w/what looks like orange applesauce, and smells…weird.  Perfect!  I’m planning on pouring it through the colander again, letting it cool, and then packaging it up into 1-cup bags for the freezer.  Most recipes usually stick to using 1-cup of pumpkin, so it’s an easy way to store ’em.

From the looks of things, I’m going to have about 3-4 bags…that means 3-4 pies (or other pumpkin creations)!  Can’t wait!  This is my favorite time of year, and I love anything to do w/pumpkin!

Coolin''s been through a lot today

All set for the freezer!

Can’t wait for the baking bit of this pumpkin-extravaganza!  🙂  Pretty soon!