There are times when I wished that I had read through a recipe before trying it out- this, obviously, is one of those times!

I wish that I had read the recipe to see how this meal was cooked, bc it involved using a broiler.  What?  Eesh, more things I don’t know!  I Googled “broiler pan substitute,” and turns out that I could use a cooling rack on a cookie sheet.  My oven’s on the “broil” setting, so…we’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, all that said, this recipe (from Cooking Light) seems like it’ll be good and easy– no more fiddly things for a while!   In fact, I made the whole thing in about 15 minutes- perfect!

I’ve never had/used orzo before, but it seems pretty good- just weirdly-shaped pasta.  The orzo “salad” looks really yummy:

It also smells really, really good- the green onions are enough to make me drool…smell so good!

I love lamb, and the mustard-dressing smells amazing.  It  just went into the oven on my fake broiler, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll just keep checking it, I guess!


Wow, the broiler was sooooo easy- took literally 5-7 minutes to cook!  (New thought- can anything be broiled to speed cooking times??)

Voila!  A nice, yummy, simple recipe!  (They do exist!)

Enjoy! 🙂