We’re back, and surprise-surprise, so is another chicken recipe!

After being away for a few days, I’m excited to get back into the kitchen- one that doesn’t rock around while you’re cooking! 😉

I just think there’s something soooo great about the smell of a roast chicken, and cannot wait to get started on it.  Also, this one’ll help to use up some of the walnuts I bought for recipes last week, and I might even be able to use a few of the pears we got yesterday from my parent’s pear trees!  They’re nearly ripe, so…we’ll see.

Anyway, be back in a bit- once the kids go down for naps!


Ready for the oven:

Oh, the foil- I don’t have any twine, so I tied the legs together w/a piece of foil.  Does the same job!


It’s been in for 25 minutes- I just took it out and added the shallots and pears to the pan, and put it back in for another 30 minutes:

Looks like chicken-jail!


So, there’s no picture update, bc…well, E worked SUPERlate, and never had any dinner, and I just grabbed pieces off of the chicken, and boiled the carcass down for soup.  BUT, the pieces I did eat were amazing!!  This is a really great recipe- the chicken was soooo juicy and delicious, I’ll definitely use this one again!