I had a recipe all set for today, but decided to swap it out at the last minute- it was a casserole, and one I had hoped to make awhile back, but…E’s pretty funny about casseroles.  I think I mentioned before that he’s been to one-too-many church potlucks, and has a thing about casseroles now!  And, since we just had one very recently, I decided to post-pone this yummy-sounding one until next week, when he can’t say anything about me constantly making sooooo many.  Or, using chicken too much.  It’s just funny- I could have chicken (and casseroles) just about any day of the week, and LOVE it!  Oh well…

So, on to a chicken recipe! 😉

I was just skimming through my Cooking Light cookbook this morning, and the picture section totally drew me in- why wouldn’t it?  They have nice pictures of their foods!  Everything looks good when you use a good camera!

At any rate, I settled on a pan-roasted chicken recipe, bc it includes ingredients that I’ve never used before.  Things that I had to Google pictures of beforehand, to not look like such a lost weirdo wandering around Whole Foods.  For instance, what’s Swiss chard??  I knew from the picture that it was something leafy, but…yea, tricky finding it in the produce section!  Also, a butternut squash.  That’s no big deal- just look for a squash, but that’s definitely something I’ve never used before.  And, that’s the goal of this cooking adventure, right- to try new things!  (Yikes).

So, we’ll see how it goes!


I started in on the salad bit of the recipe first- it’s a three parter.  It’s actually a pretty fiddly recipe, and one that I might not try, except for the fact that I have about three hours of alone-time while the kids nap each day!

The salad includes Fuji apples, lemon juice, bits of the chard, the squash, and maple syrup.  Here’s the fancy chard:

Next up, cooking the peeled, cubed squash:


...and after, all tender and ready for the maple syrup (weird)

I added the ingredients back into one bowl, mixed ’em around, and voilà, chard salad!

Stay tuned for the rest!  (I’ll probably  be cooking for the next two hours- sheesh!)


Wow, this is intense…they allege that the chicken will cook in 28 minutes.  Are they crazy??  Mine’s been in the oven for just over an hour now, and is struggling to reach the 165˚ “done” temp.  Killing me…my kitchen’s roasting now!

Krikey, I’ve got 160˚…back in it goes!


Finally, out of the oven!

Now, the separating of the drippings from the fat.  (See what I mean- fiddly!)

Then, making the vinaigrette- mixing the bacon, mushrooms, and garlic into the chicken fat (wow, so healthy):

Then, you FINALLY get to assemble the thing!  You scoop out a bit of the salad, pour on a little bit of the vinaigrette, and place your chicken on top.  Oh, lastly, once that production’s all set up, then you sprinkle the whole thing w/crushed walnuts (krikey):

Voilà!  It’s finally served!

I have to admit though, as I’ve been cooking steadily for TWO HOURS, I was really starting to get nervous that this weird mix was all gonna fall apart, and that dinner was gonna be a bust.

Wow, how wrong was I??  This recipe is fan-tastic!  I’m not kidding- all the flavors really go well together, despite my doubts.  It is SUPERgood!

However, even though it’s really, really good, this is probably something I won’t make again- or, will make for a very special occasion, bc it’s so involved.  Sad, bc it’s soooo good!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my all-day cooking-fiasco!  My house is a billion degrees, I’m sweating, there’s food everywhere- what a welcoming sight for E when he gets home from work! 😉


Oh, and though it didn’t sound terribly good for you, the whole meal was still under 500 calories.  Not too bad!