I know it’s summer still, and something like beef stew might seem out-of-place, but…it’s just yummy- why not have it when you want it?  (Plus, it uses up loads of the carrots we’ve been growing lately, considering that I’ve been impatient, and have been picking them when they’re only about 3 inches long at most!)

Anyway, there’s no recipe- it’s just a post about what we’re having for dinner.  It’s a combo of what my mom does and what E’s mom does.  For instance, my mom only used beef gravy, so we had a brown stew growing up, while E’s mom mixed gravy and tomato sauce, so theirs was mostly red.

I started off by cutting up bits of beef into cubes, and putting it into the slow-cooker w/beef broth.  It’s on high, and the bits are small, so I’m thinking it’ll be in there for about 2 hrs.

Next, I mixed beef gravy w/tomato sauce- it’s probably more gravy than sauce.  I used 1½ jars of Heinz gravy, and about 1 small can of the most boring tomato sauce ever (store-brand from Target).  Then, I added in…let’s see…about two slices of chopped onion and 3-4 stalks of chopped celery.  (There’s really no “recipe”!)  I also threw in a bay leaf- have never added that before, but today it just seemed right.  We’ll see.

While that’s stewing away on low heat, I peeled about 4 small potatoes, chopped ’em, and boiled them, along w/2 pretty big carrots.  It’s hard to estimate the carrots bc I used about 10 of our home-grown ones, but they are SUPERsmall.  I used one big store-bought one, so it seems to be a total of 2 big store-bought carrots.  I put the carrots into the potato pot after a few minutes- the potatoes need more boiling time.

Yummy stew...in progress

I’ll scoop out the potatoes and carrots, and add them to the stew.  Then, in about a half hour, I’ll add the meat as well, and…dinner will be served!

I normally serve this w/a baguette, but since I’ve forgotten to buy one (and the kids are sleeping, so there’s no chance of running out to the store any time soon), we’ll just make due w/bread.  We actually have big, thick, wheaty bread in right now, so that might be perfect!