Well, recipes courtesy of Hilary!  (Would have been nice if you cooked this for us, lady!)

This is the first recipe I’m posting from my “Ask My Readers” entry- and, it sounds delicious!  So tonight, we’re going to experiment w/Acorn Squash Quesadillas and Tomatilla Salsa.  Cannot wait!

So, I started off w/the salsa-making.  Here’s her recipe (adapted from a Dos Caminos demonstration recipe.  I don’t know what that means, but think I should include it, and not just publish someone else’s recipe w/out credit, however adapted!):

I have to say that I didn’t even know what a tomatilla was- had to Google a picture, and then went to two different stores before finding ’em!  Anyway, tomatillas are…interesting- what the heck are they??

Los Tomatillos!

Also, bc my cooking skills are amazing, I naturally YouTube\’d a video of how to cut up scallions bc I’ve never used them before, and did not wanna screw up! 😉

I also changed up the amount of jalapeños, bc I’m a huge baby when it comes to spicy/hot things.  I only used one, and…after a taste of the finished product- yikes!  (I added another tomatillo to try and cool things down!)  I don’t mean to freak out about it, but if you don’t really like spicy/burny things, only use one jalapeño!

All set to blend!

So, after tossing it all into a blender, here’s the final product:

My food, it's modeling!

Yum!!  Apart from the burning (oh, just discovered that I hadn’t washed off the jalapeño entirely from my hands, and just got a burned lip!), it’s sooooo good!  I think I would only use a half of a spicy pepper next time, but sooo good otherwise!

So, there you have it- delicious Tomatilla Salsa, courtesy of the amazing Hilary.  (Seriously, she makes the best food, so I had high hopes!)

Next up:  Acorn Squash Quesadillas!


Now then, Acorn Squash!

So…let’s start off w/the recipe:


The prep...

I started out by roasting the acorn squash.  Now, I had a vague idea of what one of those would look like, but it cracked me up when I bought it and the checkout lady said, “I’m not stupid, but…what is that??”  Amazing.  You always want a response like that to the food you’re buying! 😉

Poor thing, I'm sure you're delicious on the inside!

I sauteed the onion, garlic, and peppers, and then added in the peeled squash, once it finished cooking:

Then, I piled it onto a tortilla, and added some Mexican-Blend cheese.  I folded mine like a wrap, rather than a quesadilla bc…I’m the only one home, and will probably eat the whole thing myself!  No fancy cutting-into-triangles for me tonight!



Wow…SOOO good!  Can’t even tell I’m eating squash and not meat! 😉

Also- I think this would go perfectly w/the SkinnyGirl Margarita (pre-made) I bought today- I saw this on “Chelsea Lately,” and didn’t really think anything of it again until I was in Canal’s today, and saw it right at the register.

Perfect evening!

Total impulse purchase, and I may have come off like an alcoholic, what w/my 2 big bottles of Yellow Tail already in hand, but…whatever.  It’s Mexican Night! 🙂

Thanks, Hilary, for the FANTASTIC recipes- you all should try ’em!