See??  Weird name!  This is something I have never tried before, but have always been intrigued by bc of its name.  I found out about this recipe awhile ago when we lived in New Orleans- it was after the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and we made it home w/5 heads of cabbage that we needed to do something with!  (During that parade, they throw Mardi Gras beads and stuff, as well as hand out veggies like cabbage, carrots, and potatoes, for some reason!)

At any rate, that year I think I made something w/kielbasa, cabbage, and beer.  Don’t think it was very good, but it used up some cabbage!  🙂

Anyway, today’s special comes from, and it actually doesn’t sound too bad- despite the name!  Allegedly, the name comes from the sounds the food makes while cooking.  I’m guessing it’s cooking-over-a-fire, bc none of my foods made a bubble or a squeak!  I mean, the water bubbled when I boiled it for the cabbage, but…yea, that’s it!  It’s also a pretty old “recipe,”- it’s a recipe in quotes bc it’s more of an old ‘dish’, and meant to be a conglomeration of leftovers.  Toss in whatever leftover veggies and meat you had from the night before, and voila- instant yummy meal!

I didn’t do that- we had crab cakes the night before, so that would have been gross! 🙂  So, I bought our meat especially for this. I had originally purchased the ingredients for a Bubble & Squeak recipe found on another site- that used sausage- but I decided to change mid-way, and stick w/the sausage while eliminating other things- like white sauce.  (White sauce w/sausage? I don’t know about that…kinda turned my stomach).

So, I followed the first recipe to use up the sausage- that just meant that I cooked the sausage, and mashed it up in the pan as it was cooking.  I also had the cabbage chopped up and simmering:

After removing both the sausage and cabbage from the heat, I fried a few pieces of bacon w/onions:

Then, you add the meat back in w/the bacon and onions.  Oh, while all of this was cooking, I had put about 4 potatoes (peeled, chopped into bits, drizzled w/olive oil) in the oven to be roasted- I started them early bc they take a while.  After you add the meat back to the pan, you also add in your potatoes, and then then cabbage.

At this point, it didn’t seem like I had enough cabbage, so I added in some brussels sprouts, too- similar to the taste of cabbage, and they added more of the pretty greens!

After adding in the brussels sprouts, I seasoned it w/paprika, salt, and pepper, and…just stared at it.  It looks good, but…I think I’m getting the sickness the kids had, bc I really had no appetite to even try it!

However, there were two good taste-testers here last night- E and my sister, also E, and they both loved it.  E (husband) loved it so much, in fact, that he said this is something I should definitely make again.  He said, “What’s not to like- sausage, potatoes, good veggies- I like it!”  His comment totally reminded me of the “Friends” episode where Rachel attempted to make a trifle for Thanksgiving dessert- and Joey was the only one to eat and enjoy it.  His remarks:  “What’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!”

Anyway, I feel like this was a big accomplishment- finally made Bubble & Squeak, and at last, made a meal that E really, really enjoyed!

Give it a try- I’m told it’s really good! 😉