There’s a really fun food blog that I read all the time called WhatsGabyCooking, and up until now, I’ve never attempted to make anything from it!  Sad, but I just feel like she’s too…above me, cooking-wise, and too…not fancy, but I think it’s more that she’d be fun to work along-side of, bc it’d be really informative.  Still, that said, I love her blog, and it’s fun to read!

However, she did make something unusual (to me) that turned out to be the easiest thing ever posted:  avocado toast.

It is exactly what it sounds like- avocado spread on toast.  Delicious!

Just had a slice, and…w/a sprinkling of salt and pepper, it’s super-good, and is definitely something I’m going to have for many more breakfasts.

Picture taken from her site, obviously! It's not blurry like ones from my camera!

(Silly side note:  this was the first time that I’ve ever actually bought an avocado.  Can you imagine?  Again, this is why I’m doing this blog- expanding my horizons and all that!)