So, welcome to “Chicken Week”!  I think I’ve made chicken for just about every meal this week, which definitely just goes to show that E has not been home!  He likes chicken, but not nearly as much as I do!

Anyway, this recipe is courtesy of the latest Williams-Sonoma catalogue that I got yesterday.  Actually, it wasn’t in the catalogue, but that got me thumbing through the thing, then looking on their website, and finally noticing the ‘recipe’ section on their site.  Therefore, I thank you, Williams-Sonoma, bc my kitchen smells amazing! 🙂

It’s a pretty easy recipe, too- although, it was a bit hard finding chicken breasts w/the skin on.  So, I opted to only use the skin-on chicken thighs, and have used only four of them.

I washed the chicken, and pulled back the skin.  Then, I took a piece of prosciutto and a sage leaf, tucked them inside the skin, and pulled the skin back up.  The skin is perfect, actually, for holding stuff (seasonings) on the meat!

(Embarrassing side-note:  I didn’t know what prosciutto was!  If anyone ever looked at my Google search history, you’d find that I did, in fact, use Googles images to see what prosciutto looked like, so that I could find it in the store!  Sad!  But, then again, this is why I wanted to do the food blog in the first place- to improve my cooking skills!)

Next, you brush on some olive oil, and season the chicken w/salt and pepper, and toss it all into the oven at 400-degrees.  Should be ready in about an hour…

Here goes nothin'!

As for sides, I made the roasted red potatoes again from the other night, and due to both dishes, the kitchen is smelling SO good!  (Thank you, garlic!)  I think we’ll also have some corn, too- can’t wait for dinner!


So, how did I not know that prosciutto is basically just bacon??  It’s delicious!  It’s bacon-stuffed chicken!  Wow, amazing!!  Totally going to make this again!

Yum yum yum!!