I don’t really do anything special to a chicken breast- just dip it into a whipped egg-yolk, cover it in bread crumbs, and fry it up. Tada!  And, today’s no different.  But, I did (weirdly) buy the plain bread crumbs, so I’m planning to add a small dash of garlic, herbes de provence, and thyme to the mix, just to make it un-plain.

But first, the sides (that take an hour to make)!  First up:  Oven-roasted red potatoes.  I’m using a recipe that I found on allrecipes.com, but in the comments section.  I don’t really like eating rosemary-flavored things, and when I saw a comment that used herbes de provence and garlic instead, I jumped on it.

I still poured the oil over the potatoes, and mixed ’em up w/the herbs, but just used different herbs than in the original recipe.

Then, the potatoes went into the oven for the next…two hundred years.  We’ll see about those…

After that, I started working on a green bean side.  We have TOO MANY green bean plants in our garden, most of which will never be harvested by me, thanks to the sighting of a few HUGE grasshoppers.  (Ick!)  Anyway, despite the pestilence, I’ve managed to get loads of beans, and needed a good recipe, other than simply steaming them.  So, here goes!  The one I found, again courtesy of allrecipes.com, includes almonds and carmelized shallots.  Fancy fancy! 😉

Now, I don’t really have any fancy equipment for cooking- this whole “cooking” thing is a pretty new development.  So, I don’t have a steamer, and am going to steam my beans like I always do- in a very small amount of water on a boil for a few minutes.


Beans mixed w/carmelized shallots, peppers, and almonds

After the beans were finished, I pulled the potatoes from the oven- smelled fantastic!  I almost wished, though, that I had used fresh rosemary, bc a few sprigs of the fresh branches would have been a nice touch!

All cooked and delicious!

Anyway, next up: the chicken.  Easy easy.  This should be a yummy meal- E’s working late, so I’m taking it to him at the office. Our amazing cousin (cousin-in-law) watches the kids every Wednesday night when we go to Bible study, but, as there’s no study this week, E and I can have a much-needed date(ish) night of dinner together.

Ready to hit the road! 🙂

Smells great!