So, it’s early- 8:05am, to be exact- and yes, I’m already up and thinking about dinner!

(I really like to plan out my days!)

Anyway, this is a “sneak-peek” of things to come- I’m using another of the under 400-calorie recipes from RealSimple.

And, this one should be good bc it will help to use up the pine nuts that I’ve had hanging around for awhile from another recipe (that I apparently never made).  And, when I mentioned yesterday that sea scallops were crazy-expensive, I totally forgot about things like pine nuts:  $26.99/lb??  I remember that when I bought these at Wegman’s, that they were already packed up into tiny little servings, w/a weight of .15.  Perfect!

($26.99/lb for nuts…crazy!)

Anyway, more to come- but, not for a while yet! 😉


Turned out to be a pretty nice meal!  Again, though- kinda weird, cooking something sweet w/something…not- ie, the garlic and apricots.  But, toss in a few others ingredients, and all is right w/the world!

Let’s see…it starts w/chicken breast…

Chicken frying...'cuz no one's seen that before!

Once that’s done, you saute apricots, pine nuts, and garlic:

Then, you set that aside, and start working on the greens:

Broccoli rabe- it's like broccoli AND spinach, on one plant! Amazing!

After that, serve together!  So yummy!

Voila! Healthy food!