I love nights when we grill dinner, bc I don’t technically “make” dinner- E does!  I buy the food, he grills it, we enjoy.  Perfect!

On tonight’s menu- grilled salmon and sea scallops.  Can someone tell me why sea scallops are insanely-priced??  Are they becoming extinct?  “Out-of-season”?  Who knows!  I’m sure I don’t, but I definitely scaled down to buy these things- just crazy, pricing them at $18.99/lb!  (Who are the people that would buy a full pound of something this expensive??!)  Needless to say- w/prices like that, I only bought about five of them!

So, w/no real recipe in mind, there may/may not be pictures of our (hopefully) yummy dinner- we’ll probably just season the fish and scallops w/salt & pepper, and then toss ’em on the grill.  After that, I plan to steam some veggies from our garden (now, w/fresh carrots!- as sides. Nothing too fancy, but I’m sure it’ll all be delicious! 🙂


Oh, so, of course there are pictures!  I love taking pictures of our food bc I’m sure that everyone wants to see it! 😉  So, enjoy!

E, manning the grill

Grillin' salmon and...oh yea, those white "marshmellow" blobs- those are the sea scallops (stupid camera)!

Green beans and carrots from our garden

Salmon, scallops, and veggies- SUPERyum!

Sooo full…(yum).