In an effort to fit into my (super)tight bridesmaid dress this weekend, I’m opting to ONLY cook from the 400-calorie recipes on  I only have a few days left, and while I can physically squeeze into the dress, breathing in it is still a bit limited! So, on w/the yummy and healthy recipe!

Well, sort of- this was just a preview, I guess.  I’ll be back later when I actually start cooking!  It’s a bit too early to start on this one, as it only takes 20 minutes to prepare!


Since I’m trying to rapidly lose weight (right, should happen- in a week!), I’m starting to eat dinner pretty early, and not eat anything after 6pm.  But, E doesn’t get home until somewhere around 7(ish) every night- too late!  I decided to make this meal- well, my part of meat, anyway- ahead, and I’ll just make his later.

This was a pretty good recipe!  The meat actually cooked faster than the recipe said, but I’d read on the RealSimple site that grass-fed beef cooks a lot faster.  I adjusted the temp, and only cooked each side of the meat for about 2 minutes, rather than the 5-6 suggested.

Also, the salad- it’s kinda disconcerting to be mixing orange slices (well, in my case, clementines) w/Dijon mustard, but once you start adding the greens (I used spinach instead of arugula, bc we always have that on-hand), it all comes together.  The hearts of palm are sooo good- definitely something that I don’t use enough, but are super-good.  The mix of the tangy mustard and the sweet bites of orange were really good together, and the greens just pulled everything together.

Anyway, this was a delicious meal, and really only took the 20-minutes that the recipe said.  For me, most recipes usually take a bit longer w/prep-time.  This is definitely one that I’ll make again!

Side note: this wasn’t a terribly expensive meal to make.  I was buying the spinach anyway, and already had the mustard, shallots, vinegar, and clementines, so the only thing I had to purchase for it was the steak and the hearts of palm.  The two pieces of meat were about $4.50 total- only bought 1/2 lb- and the hearts of palm were around $2.  Not bad!  🙂

And, this doesn’t hurt, either:

"Yay!" for low-calorie meals!