Today, I’ve decided, rather than start a new cooking project, that I’d try to tackle this unkempt disaster around me called my house.  (Yikes).

But, on a cooking-ish note: I will be making homemade waffles for the kids.  They eat loads of waffles a week, which got pretty expensive.  So, for Christmas, I bought a waffle iron as a family gift, and it’s been pretty fun!  I found a yummy recipe, and have been using it ever since- or, more likely, twice a week!  These kids love their waffles! 🙂  Despite having to make ’em a lot, it’s nice bc I know just what’s going into the waffles, what ingredients, I mean (and try to use organics mostly).  It’s also been loads cheaper!

If anyone’s interested in this delicious recipe, just post a comment! 🙂