This should be a fun one to try and “sneak” passed E!  He a) isn’t a big fan of casseroles*, and b) hates mushrooms, which are a one of the main ingredients in this dish.  Hmm…  (*oh, he said he’s had enough casseroles, thanks to church potlucks, to last him a lifetime!)

Still, it sounded good, and I think I’ll keep trying forever to make him eat and enjoy a dish w/mushrooms, bc…you just should! Cooked mushrooms are good!  It’s not like I’m asking him to eat a raw mushroom, which would even make me a bit squeemish- but, a cooked one?  No big deal! 😉

This is another recipe from “The Book Lover’s Cookbook,” and this time, I’m going to try to give more info than I usually do when using this book, bc I realize that the posts aren’t terribly interesting when there’s no recipe attached!  So, here goes…

I started by adding about a cup of uncooked rice to a 3Q. pan.  Next, i started sauteing onion and sliced almonds:

Then, I added some mushrooms to the mix, and sauteed ’em for another minute:

After that, it all got tossed into the pan…Next up, browning the chicken- the recipe said to make sure to not thoroughly cook the chicken cubes, but to brown them only, as the whole dish will be in the oven cooking for an hour and a half.  Oh, and w/the chicken were two cloves of garlic, chopped into about six pieces each.

Then, the chicken and garlic were also added to the pan.  On top of the whole mix, I added about 3 cups of chicken broth, covered the dish, and tossed it into the oven at 325˚.  It should be all baked up in about an hour and a half, when I’ll check back! 🙂


Oh, silly side note: this cookbook uses quotes, passages, sayings, etc. attached to each recipe, and normally they’re pretty interesting.  But, today, however, it seems even more appropriate, as I said I’m trying to force E to happily eat mushrooms:

“A good novel transports the reader to another world, showing that what seems immutable in his own society might only be a local custom.”  – David Streitfeld

Hee-hee!  The “local custom” here is the eating of yummy cooked mushrooms- here’s hoping that this meal transports him so that he’ll give this  a try!


Ooh, it’s really good!  The almonds are a bit shocking, though, bc they’re the only things that don’t mush down when cooked, but still, it’s super-good!  Yum!

The finished casserole

Casserole in th'bowl

Here’s hoping he eats some of it- otherwise, it’s all up to me: this made about 8 servings! 🙂