…that don’t go together at all!

Today, I felt like making little things, sides, the things that I typically never make.  Well, these aren’t sides, I guess, but are really just appetizers.  At any rate, these are things I don’t normally make at home, for just us, bc…wouldn’t that be weird??  This is my house, not a restaurant, so the idea of appetizers is just funny!

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to make hummus.  Not terribly exciting/involved, but that’s also why I chose it for today.  I found a great recipe on YouTube (imagine that!), and as most hummus recipes are, was pretty easy and straight-forward.  I just think I really need a food processor now, as it took a bit longer to really make it smooth in my blender.

My lunch- yummy hummus and bits of baguette


One more surprise later today…!