Since our garden is practically producing about 5 lbs of veggies a day, I figured it was time to get going w/veggie storage and recipes. (Seriously, there’s a lot to harvest every day!)

Today, I’ve decided to give homemade sauce a try, bc our plants are going crazy w/tomatoes!  I pick about…8-9 a day, and each time there are a few that will be ready for the next time.  Crazy.  I’ve already given some away, and now we’re approaching a huge explosion of tomatoes in the near future, so it’s time to get serious about using all this garden-goodness!


I found a pretty good video on YouTube (what would I do w/out YouTube??), and although it’s a bit lengthy, she’s really informative, and goes slowly through the sauce-making process.  It’s nice, bc it’s almost like you’re really in the kitchen w/her- just goes at a pretty normal pace, walking through the steps.

Right now, I’m up to the cooling part- the tomatoes have been boiled, and are cooling in another bowl, out of the water now.  Next up, crushing the garlic, and then, once the tomatoes cool, peeling off their skins and crushing them up.  Kinda fun! 🙂

Bubblin' and Boilin'

Looking a bit sad in their shriveled, saggy skins


So, since my tomatoes were a bit smaller than the ones she used in the video, I actually added back a bit of the squeezed-out mixture (despite letting back in a few seeds), just for the sake of volume.  I don’t even think I had enough for one dinner! Apparently this is a great way of getting rid of loads of tomatoes! 😉

Anyway, after that, I also added one small can of tomato paste, just to make it a bit…saucier.  It actually looks like sauce now. It’s going to simmer a bit more before adding any of the other fun seasonings, so I’ll check back later!

Lookin' saucy!


True to form, I forgot to take a picture when I served it- but, it really just looked like spaghetti sauce, so what’s the difference?!  I added some green peppers from our garden, and a bit of ground beef (I love meat sauce), and according to my taste-tester, E, it was pretty good!  Not bad for a first try!  This is definitely something that will be a long work-in-progress, but I guess that’s the fun of making homemade sauce- learning to perfect it!


Oh, on a side note: I went to get chicken for the kid’s dinner last night, and E had put it away for me (on Sunday).  Now, I kinda assumed that it had been carved up, but when I opened the big Tupperware, I found a whole chicken carcass waiting for me.  (Annoying).  So, after working on the sauce all day yesterday, I started in on homemade chicken soup- at 6pm.  By 8:30, though, it was ready, and sooooooo good!  I used piccolini pasta this time (little bows), instead of noodles, and they were a nice touch.