It’s been a pretty weird day, so I can only think of something relatively easy to make for dinner tonight.  Oh, and by weird, I’m just saying that E offered to take the kids for the day, to the beach, leaving me w/plenty of alone/free time.

Now, this might normally mean I’d make something really intricate and awesome (or, try to), but today, I opted for at-home manis/pedis, and called it a day.

So, dinner is…roast chicken á la boring.  Well, not boring, but…well, ok, boring.  It’s a roast chicken, which, let’s face it, takes all of 5 minutes to prepare, but seems fancy and intricate bc it just takes long to cook.  Whatever.  This “recipe” will help me to use up lots of our home-grown veggies as side dishes.  Yay!