Yum.  When all you want is some good ol’ yummy comfort food, recipes like this just sound perfect!

I got this one from “The Book Lover’s Cookbook,” which I haven’t used in awhile.

I’m only on the first part: roasting garlic.  Have to admit that I have never roasted garlic before- had to look up a video on YouTube, just to make sure I was doing it right.  (I’m a great cook…)

Anyway, more to come!

Garlic, ready to get roasted!


Just roasted the garlic, and wow, that was kinda fun!  (Sad).  It was really neat!  The papery skin hung around the garlic-mush, and I just scooped it out into a bowl to make the paste.  So easy!  Just took time, really.  Not bad.  Right now, everything’s simmering away…almost done!


Wow, I’m using it right now kinda as a dip for crackers, and…delicious!!  This is really good!  I can’t wait for the finished product!


So, just took out two cups of the simmering soup, pureed it, and added it back in w/a 2/3 cup of milk.  Now, it’s really creamy, and I’m thinking that the baguette I bought today (for something else, oh well!) will be perfect with this!

Seriously, it’s delicious, and if anyone would like the recipe, just comment below and ask me- I just feel funny posting something taken directly from a book.  Wow, SO good! 🙂