So, I found a great recipe- it looks yum, and is totally unhealthy, but…who cares. You serve it w/salad, so that makes up for the frying bit, right? 😉

Anyway, this is a good recipe, too, I think, bc it even comes w/it’s own video*of Gordon Ramsay himself walking you through it. Can’t be that bad, right? We shall see…


So, as I said, this is a Gordon Ramsay recipe–  it really didn’t seem too hard, and honestly, probably wouldn’t have been, if I had known a good way to convert the UK/metric terms into ones I could understand! 😉  I tried looking online, but one thing was said that made total sense- that you really can’t equate a gram measurement to a tablespoon one bc different ingredients weigh more, thus making the tablespoon measurement heavier when using grams.  Annoying.  It was kinda rough, bc the recipe needs a pastry, and he uses metric measurements.  I think it’s pretty important to have a good pastry recipe, bc otherwise, you’ll just have a dried-up mush like I did when I tried to use rough online equivalents to wing the recipe!  Yea, no good!

Dry, brittle mess!

So, I used a pastry recipe from “The Book Lovers Cookbook,” and one that I had used before.  It’s a pretty easy one, and hopefully, it won’t change the taste of this recipe too much- not that I’d know, I’ve never had this dish before!  I’d really only heard of a samosa from a brief mention in an episode of “Flight of the Conchords!” So, here goes!

Next up- filling.  These were filled w/chickpeas and peas, and really, I chose this bc I had this can of chickpeas in my cabinet for…awhile, from a long-forgotten recipe, and have no idea what to do w/it.  I thought it’d be fun to bust it out, and see what happens!

Simmering chickpeas

Anyway, I started out by making the pastry first, like the Ramsay recipe had said- makes sense.  You need this once your filling is done.  So, the recipe I used is from the recipe for turnovers, actually, and that’s on this blog…somewhere, not that long ago.  It’s pretty standard stuff:

2/3 c shortening

2 c flour

1/2 t salt

5-7 T warm water

I made the dough, and cut it out, as illustrated in the video.  I used a small plate as my measurement, probably about 6 inches across.  I rolled out the dough, laid the plate on it, traced around the plate, and then cut the circle I’d made in half.

No pictures of the actual pastry cutting, but here’s some more of the filling:

Chickpeas and frozen peas- actually smells really good at this point!

Crushing the chickpeas- something not mentioned in the written recipe, but is on the video. Makes sense...

I used one of these halves to create the cone for the samosa.  I pinched together the flat end of the dough- the part where I’d cut.  Then, I used the filling to stuff the cone, and sealed up the edges.  Looks good!

Samosa cone

Ready to fry!


Wow, now that I taste it, it’s super good, but pretty different from what the video shows!  I have never deep-fried anything, and think I did it wrong.  Or, the dough I used wasn’t really right, bc it’s a bit flaky.  It tastes good, but the final product really isn’t as good-looking as in the video.  Whatever.  Yummy!  But, on a side-note, I’m thinking now that there’s no way I’m going to get my husband to eat these- they’re a bit sweet!  Oh well…more fried food for me.  Just in time for summer! 😉

So, overall, though they tasted good, my mouth is left w/an oily feeling, bc they were deep-fried.  I think that’s inescapable.  Meh, I don’t know.  I probably won’t use this recipe again!  At least, not like this- deep fried, I mean.  There is a way to bake them, using lots of butter, and I have a feeling that that way would be better w/my dough.

Wow, what a way to start off a new period for the blog! 🙂  Please keep reading- I swear I’ll try something better next time!

(Ew- my house smells like oil!)


But, on another note- our garden has been EXPLODING w/goodies!!  I think I’ll try to incorporate more of these into future recipes, bc…we have loads to use!



* To watch the video, click on the recipe link above, and the link for the video is highlighted in red at the top of that page.