For some reason, I love buying a whole chicken, even if all we ever really eat is the chicken breast.  There’s just something so fun/satisfying about pulling out a whole roasted chicken from the oven, and carving it up like it took you hours to prepare.  Just seems more fancy than regular ol’ chicken breast.

At any rate, this time around, I decided to quit being so wasteful, and actually took the next step in chicken-cooking by tossing the barely-eaten carcass (minus the breast, obvious) into a pot of water for soup.  This is my first attempt at it, and briefly looked at a recipe, just to get the idea of what to add seasoning/veggie-wise.  I kinda feel like soup is something you just…wing, that you can’t really follow a strict recipe for it.  Or, this might just be a huge error in judgement on my part, so we’ll see how it goes!

After about 2-ish hours, the chicken was doing the most amazing thing- well, besides smelling up the house w/delicious cooking-chicken-smell, it was also doing what I think is the weirdest thing a cooked chicken can do: look completely like a normal, whole chicken, but evaporate entirely into a bundle of meat and bones the minute you touch it.  How does it do that??  (Love it.)

Once I got all the good bits of chicken away from the yucky, gristly bits (barf), I added them back into the broth pot.  Then, I added a dash of pepper, two garlic cloves, and some thyme.  Honestly, there’s nothing better to add to a chicken-thing (dish, whatever) than thyme- it’s suddenly smelling like stuffing, and, is that ever bad?  After that, I added 2 shallots, 3 stalks of celery, and 3 carrots.  It’s all simmering away for a little bit longer while I wait for the pasta to cook.

It smells UNBELIEVABLE, and I can’t wait to eat it- here’s hoping this pretending-to-use-a-recipe thing works out! 🙂


Just realized that I have WAY less egg noodles than I originally thought…am breaking up fettucine now to substitute.  Oh sheesh…this is DEFINITELY one of MY recipes! 😉


After fishing out the garlic cloves (who wants to bite into that?!), we ate the long-awaited chicken soup…and, it was the best!  Seriously, you hope that, after working all day on something, it’ll be worth eating, and this TOTALLY was!  Highly recommended!

I think that when winging a recipe, you should be ready for anything- we (I) were (was), and…it turned out to be something better than expected!  Yay for winging things! 🙂