So…I had an interesting meal planned for St. Patrick’s Day.  It even involved a thing called “Carbomb Cupcakes,” which, as the name suggests, are chock-full of alcohol.  Just sounded fun!  But, after some interesting circumstances, decided against that, and opted for a new direction:  the shepherd’s pie.  Now, this might seem a bit tame (read, boring) version of the original menu, but here’s hoping it’s not!  I just bought all the ingredients, including the kinda pricey lamb, so again, here’s hoping it’s not!

I just started trying to mince lamb, something I’ve never done to any meat before, so I’ll check back once I’ve finished!


Lamb minced, shepherd’s pie assembled and slow-cooking,…just waiting now.  Smells good!  Looks good!  Hoping it will be good! 😉

Oh, I got the recipe from a Google search- I found this one, and thought it was pretty funny- I mean, the way the guy wrote it out is funny, and I appreciate his approach to teaching us cheese-loving Americans how to properly cook shepherd’s pie!  (But, for the record- I hate cheese.  Ick.)  Be back soon w/an update- and maybe a picture.


It was SUPERgood, and I’m so glad that there are leftovers!