So, I’ve lifted another recipe from RealSimple, this time from the magazine rather than the website, and seriously, it was amazing.  How do they do it??  Eesh, so good!

I kinda have a weird feeling about pork chops- I have one good recipe, but apart from that, cooking pig scares me.  I mean, it’s a pig.  And, this doesn’t really cross-over to other meats/animals (obviously), but for some reason, the pig is different.  Whatever, I’ll get over it now, especially since, according to E, this was “phenomenal”!  I opted to use pork sirloin rather than chops- the pork section at our Whole Foods is miniscule, so the choices were very limited, and their chops just seemed too small.  That was SUPERgood!  And, we also used fresh spinach, rather than bagged- also fun/good.

And, the best part for me- well, there were two good parts:  1) it took all over 20(ish) minutes from start to finish- gotta love that!, and 2) it was listed as an “under $3 a serving” meal, which I’m pretty sure it was.  Yay!

There’s a link listed above- hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

From RealSimple...and yes, our version looked just as good!

(And, yes- it looked as good as it did in RealSimple’s picture!  How often does that happen??)  🙂