Well, I’ve decided to leave off the picture-taking for a bit- mainly until we get a new camera.  Really, what’s the point when the camera is terrible at most pictures, more especially bad at food pictures? Oh well.  You get the idea.  But, perhaps until we get a new camera, this might just have to be a use-your-imagination blog.  I apologize!

I found this recipe by skimming through the latest issue of “RealSimple”.  This was probably the best magazine subscription I’ve ever had, mainly because the only other ones have been “UsWeekly” and “InStyle”.  That’s right, don’t judge me.  They’re fun to read, but really don’t provide much in the way of interesting dinner options- enter, then, RealSimple.  Amazing!

The kids and I headed out to Whole Foods this afternoon, trying to replenish the fridge after the weekend.  For some reason, it almost completely empties out after a weekend.  I decided to try a new scallop recipe- basically, because I currently never made them before, and they’re one of E’s favorite foods.  So, the “scallops w/snow pea” recipe sounded perfect- he loves both.

Apart from being almost obscenely overpriced, the scallops were SUPERgood.  I’ve never made them before, but seriously, any recipe that has you cooking a meat for 2-3 minutes is always welcome.  2-3 minutes?? Love it!  They were sooo good, and the teeny bit of orange went a long way flavoring the snow peas.  Delicious!

Here’s a link to the recipe on RealSimple.com.  I honestly think it’s a worth-while recipe, despite the cost- they’re just so good!

(PS- E said I got an A for presentation, as well- I opted to use brown rice rather than couscous, since we had some in the fridge anyway.  Yay!)