…there’s been a lull in the cooking-creativity around here lately, but you really can’t blame me- blame the snow.  The stupid, seemingly-endless falling of snow has completely sapped me of anything creative, and all I’ve been able to do has been rely on the old stand-bys and warm comfort-food, such as chili (mix) and beef stew.  Both are yum, but neither one fits into my New Year’s goal.

Speaking of, there’s been a big development on the learning-to-cook front, but more on that a bit later.

Right now, though, I’m moving back through “The Book Lover’s Cookbook,” choosing something amazingly good and quick, and something that I’m totally willing to start considering comfort-food: the crabcake.  Yum.  I’ve taken the good advice of a friend, and added a bit of flour this time around, rather than the bread crumbs, and voila, super-easy-to-make-stick-together crabcakes.  I’m just sorry that I made them early because…well, to eat them right now would be putting us even earlier than an early-bird special dinner!

Well, back to the “big news” about cooking…I’ve signed up for my first official cooking class!  I cannot wait!  It’s just amazing (and sad) that I live so close to an incredible resource for all things related to good cooking/eating, yet I’ve somehow almost ignored it entirely: it’s called the Reading Terminal Market.  Who knew that they have cooking classes??  Who knew that you can get organic everything there??  I’m sure lots of people knew this, just not me, the person that happens to live mere blocks from such a glorious place.

I signed up for the “Chicken Every Which Way” class, and cannot wait!  The instructor said that it will include a demonstration by one of the local merchants, using their own organic chickens.  We’ll learn about the cuts of chicken (apparently there are more than just skinless, boneless breasts!), what to look for when purchasing, and so on.  Then, we’ll be making three different dishes, which honestly has be more excited than I should be for a chicken dish, but…well, it’s truly my most favorite meat ever, so this excitement might be merited!

More to come on that, obviously, but…well, right now, I should end this- the kids are up.  Mom’s free-time has officially come to an end!  Have a great snow day everyone- and, if you’re not getting snow-in today,…I just don’t think I can like you anymore!  😉