So, I’m going to give chili another go, this time stepping away from “The Book Lover’s Cookbook”, and using a recipe I found on  It seems like fun, honestly, a sort-of involved, slow-cooking recipe, especially on a day where the snow has been falling since yesterday, creating more and more of an obstacle to me leaving the house.

I’m currently boiling the kidney beans…I opted to buy dried beans, rather than beans from a can, because that for some reason felt wrong, as if I wasn’t really cooking, but simply adding things together from jars and cans that were already prepared.  So, I’m boiling beans.  Probably will be doing the same thing for the next hour or so, stupid beans, but…I’m cooking! 🙂


Well, the chili’s done, and I’ve been picking the ground turkey meat out of it, waiting for E to get home- so far, just based on these quick bites, I’m thinking that it takes more like chili is supposed to, rather than the stuff that called itself chili that I made a few weeks back.  This is yum!

Here’s a picture, more to prove that I actually cooked tonight, rather than to show something new because…who doesn’t know what chili looks like?? 😉

Off to…well, keep picking meat out of the chili while waiting for E…hope you all have a good Saturday!